Hettie Rowley was born in South Africa, where she obtained a diploma in graphic design. After graduating, she began her career working for Graphic Design Companies and for Performing Arts companies including the State Theatre in Pretoria.

She soon expanded her expertise into fine arts and particularly into painting portraits, wildlife and fantasy scenes in a variety of mediums including oil, watercolour and pastels. Over many years, Hettie successfully exhibited at a range of galleries in South Africa, gaining considerable exposure for her work.

During those years she also practiced sculpting and was commissioned to produce sculptures of African wildlife which were used as the basis of commercial products and widely sold. Typical of her work at this time was a commission for a set of three African animals: Leopard, Lion, Elephant, as well as an Asian Tiger.

In 2007 Hettie was selected to be a member of the Watercolour Association of South Africa with which she participated in a number of successful exhibitions.

Much of Hettie’s work was purchased privately and has been exported globally, including portraits of famous historical figures and family portraits, specialised wildlife portraits and pet portraits.

In 2010, Hettie came to Australia with her husband, and since then she has integrated into the Australian arts community, teaching and exhibiting in Perth, where she established weekly art classes and taught in a variety of mediums including watercolour, pastels and pencil.

As an extension of these classes she also established weekly Life-Drawing sessions. She teaches students of all ability levels and their work may be seen on the website she set up for the classes at http://artclassesperth.com

Hettie is a member of the Watercolour Society of Western Australia (see her here http://www.watercolourswa.org.au/hettie-rowley.html ). She is also a member of the Joondalup Community Arts Association which she has also served as a board member and secretary.

In 2014 she moved to Brisbane Australia where she has become a member of the Pastel Society of Australia, The Watercolour Society of Queensland and of the Royal Queensland Art Society.