• Fruit and Bowl in Pastels

    "I love pastels as a medium" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Such a dignified man - wonderful opportunity to paint him " -Hettie Rowley

  • "The sadness of transience in Japanese culture " -Hettie Rowley

  • "Sheep seeking the cool shelter of a tree " -Hettie Rowley

  • "Sketch of a King" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Such placid, gentle creatures" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Elephants are possessed of such gentle strengths and intelligence, they seem - better than us" -Hettie Rowley

  • "A figure of African majesty" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Charcoal is a wonderful medium for many types of art" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Charcoal is a wonderful medium for many types of art" -Hettie Rowley

  • "All that is beautiful in this world is being killed by the greed of humans" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Spring - the renewal of life" -Hettie Rowley

  • "What wonder lies inside the thought of our fellow creaures" -Hettie Rowley

  • "I still dream of our ancient home - Africa in all its wonder" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Our Little Princess and Treasure" -Hettie Rowley

  • "A dog is always a friend in need - and all other times" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Pastels allow amazing contract and details - wonderful medium" -Hettie Rowley

  • "portrait of my wonderful friend" -Hettie Rowley

  • "I was honored to win a prize with this painting" -Hettie Rowley

Newcastle Artist Workshops

Want to join other artists for a painting session in a friendly and helpful environment? See my latest workshops in Maitland, Newcastle.

Newcastle Art Classes

If you are looking for guidance in improving your drawing and painting skills, I will be holding workshops and art classes in the Maitland area soon.  Watch this space.....


I have started a new range of T-Shirts with my original artwork on them at Amazon.com. Range of colors available.  Out of stock right now!  Soon to be available!


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Awards 2023

Maitland Region Society of Artist Inc. Annual Exhibition - First Prize in Portrait section. 

Maitland Region Society of Artist Inc. Annual Exhibition - Highly Commended 

My latest commissions

A sincere thank you

I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who commissioned a painting from me over the years. It is an honour to have my artwork appreciated and desired, and I want to acknowledge the role of each and every commission in enabling me to continue creating pieces that I am truly passionate about.

Indie and Hercules Soft Pastel on UART 400

See more here......

Brisbane Macgregor Lions Garden City Art Extravaganza 2017 - FIRST PRIZE

I'm really proud and happy to announce that I won first prize in the pastels category for the painting below. Congratulations to all the other winners and entrants. There was some truly beautiful work on display .

IFirst Prize Winner by Hettie Rowley

Featured Artwork August 2017

This month's featured work is a drawing  study in coloured pens".  I hope you like it. 


lion painted in colored pens

FIRST PRIZE at Watercolour Society of Queensland Annual Exhibition 2017 - Category: Traditional

I'm honoured to have won this prestigious prize - there was some truly beautiful work on display so I feel blessed and lucky!. 

Pastel portrait of Sheila


I'm really proud and happy to announce that I won first prize in the Watercolor Traditional Style for this painting. It's called "Light and shade"


EKKA Award Winner by Hettie Rowley

Latest Artwork Nov 2020

I've been doing a lot of new work but haven't found the time to place it on my website!

Here's one example. You can find more on this link.

Bob Weatherall

Featured Artwork April 2017

This month's featured work is a pastel study called "Copper and Lace". It won the monthly set-subject award at the Pastel Society of Australia, the subject being "Showstopper".  I hope you like it. If you would like to share it, you can do so from the Blog Page.

Copper and LAce - Pastel Painting by artist Hettie Rowley


"If you are looking for an inspirational teacher, who has an in-depth knowledge of pastels, water colour and graphite, look no further.

You need only to look at Hettie’s personal work to see that she has a great understanding of these disciplines, and is always happy to share her knowledge with others. Hettie’s work will inspire you- look no further.

I have known Hettie for over five years and she has become a good friend and colleague. We worked together at the Joondalup Art Gallery, discussed concepts, ideas, problems and solutions, and exhibited in curated exhibitions together. When Hettie left Perth for Brisbane, she asked me to take over the drawing and painting classes that she had initiated and developed here in Perth.

It was apparent that the students that attended her classes had learnt so much from her, relating to the different mediums, techniques and processes. I hope that she will be given the opportunity to teach and inspire students in the Brisbane area, as she did here in Perth.

‘Love and best wishes Hettie, the students and I wish you all the very best, and look forward to seeing the fruits of your endeavor."

Valerie Shaw

BA Fine Arts Honours

Dip. Textiles/ Applied Arts

Curator Joondalup Art Gallery

Artist Inga Bronnum

"Hettie is the most kind and helpful person and of course an extremely clever artist. Her classes were very relaxed and friendly, she would teach and support us individually with the medium we wanted to work with or she would teach basic skills, i.e. how to construct a portrait, to draw perspective , she taught me how to let go of too much control, and much more.

Preferred mediums were watercolour, watercolour pencils, acrylics and pastels, but also pencils, charcoals were used.

I highly recommend her as a teacher and would definitely attend her classes again, given the opportunity."

Inga Brommum

Artist Margaret Roederdink


"I attended Hettie Rowley's drawing class for 2-3 terms and found them to be very helpful in developing my drawing skills in a number of media including pencil, charcoal and pen & ink. Hettie was very attentive and skilled at instructing & demonstrating. I did feel that my art improved during my classes with her.

The atmosphere at Hettie's classes were always friendly & welcoming, so there was a valuable social element to attending as well.

I would definitely recommend Hettie's classes & would enrol in them again ( if available in W.A. still!)" I highly recommend her as a teacher and would definitely attend her classes again, given the opportunity."

Margaret Roeterdink

Testimonials for Hettie Rowley Art Lessons

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