• Fruit and Bowl in Pastels

    "I love pastels as a medium" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Such a dignified man - wonderful opportunity to paint him " -Hettie Rowley

  • "The sadness of transience in Japanese culture " -Hettie Rowley

  • "Sheep seeking the cool shelter of a tree " -Hettie Rowley

  • "Sketch of a King" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Such placid, gentle creatures" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Elephants are possessed of such gentle strengths and intelligence, they seem - better than us" -Hettie Rowley

  • "A figure of African majesty" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Charcoal is a wonderful medium for many types of art" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Charcoal is a wonderful medium for many types of art" -Hettie Rowley

  • "All that is beautiful in this world is being killed by the greed of humans" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Spring - the renewal of life" -Hettie Rowley

  • "What wonder lies inside the thought of our fellow creaures" -Hettie Rowley

  • "I still dream of our ancient home - Africa in all its wonder" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Our Little Princess and Treasure" -Hettie Rowley

  • "A dog is always a friend in need - and all other times" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Pastels allow amazing contract and details - wonderful medium" -Hettie Rowley

  • "portrait of my wonderful friend" -Hettie Rowley

  • "I was honored to win a prize with this painting" -Hettie Rowley

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